Citizenship. Scholarship. Leadership.

Welcome to Penn State Brandywine’s Laboratory for Civic Engagement, where we promote the integration of civic engagement into academic curricula and extracurricular activities.

We work to expose students to complex issues and ideas in dynamic ways to encourage them to be more thoughtful and active citizens of the world.  We weave these beliefs and activities through the fabric of the campus, connecting the broader Penn State Brandywine community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to public scholarship and democratic practices.

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“IMAGINE A UNIVERSITY that has deliberately and persistently built meaningful relationships with members of its wider community – neighborhood groups, community-based organizations, local citizens, nonprofits, and governmental agencies.  Imagine that this university, in their first-year, students begin to see how a variety of disciplinary lenses can be employed to understand important issues facing their institution, the local area, and larger society.  In subsequent years of study, students come to understand the various policy levers by which participatory democratic change can be enacted – on campus and off.  Students would learn the precepts of democratic deliberation and be invited to witness and later participate in various forums in which local, national, and global issues are debated and discussed.”

– “Reimagining the Civic Imperative of Higher Education,”
by Elizabeth Hollander and Matthew Hartley

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